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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Trendy Fashion Personality

Characteristics of the Trendy Fashion Personality:

Trendy describes your style perfectly. You prefer the latest, most up-to-date fashion available. You often find yourself looking for fashion you've seen in a magazine before it even arrives in the stores. You're more likely than not to be under 40.
The present and what's "in" now are important to you. Your style is influenced by celebrity fashion, fashion magazines, and fashion designers. Your friends often ask you where you bought an item of clothing or an accessory, and they consider you to be in the know when it comes to fashion. You know how to have fun with fashion, and you're a true "fashionista."

The Trendy Fashion Personality's Closet:

A peek in your closet reveals clothing and accessories that are trendy and available now in stores. You wear the most popular colors, prints, and styles in both clothing and accessories. Shoes, handbags, and jewelry all play a big part in your wardrobe.
Although you appreciate a good sale, you don't especially look for value in your wardrobe, and investment dressing is not your thing. Although you own some clothing in neutral colors, the idea of wearing an item of classic tailored clothing purchased several years ago is foreign to your fashion sensibility.

The Trendy Fashion Personality at Work and Play:

Your trendy style goes to work perfectly in fashion retailing and the entertainment industry, but it may not be as appropriate for the more conservative workplace. Be especially careful to avoid showing too much skin at work or teetering around on sky-high stilettos.
You can bare more for play and have more fun with fashion outside of work hours. Whether it's an itsy bitsy bikini for the beach, the latest designer jeans, or six-inch high heels, your trendy wardrobe will make you stand out from the crowd and also fit in well with a fun and active lifestyle.

Shopping and the Trendy Fashion Personality:

Although you're limited by your budget, you spend more on fashion than others. You love designer "it" bags and statement shoes, and you buy them when you can. You seldom are able to locate the trendy clothing that you love in the petites department of major department stores, so you often shop in other departments where there's more of a selection.
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Tweaking the Style of the Trendy Fashion Personality:

Your cutting edge style and love of celebrity fashion may lead you to wear inappropriate clothing or accessories to work at times, so be careful not to hinder your career by what you wear. Add a few basic neutral pieces to your wardrobe that you can mix and match with the trendier items that you love in order to dress for success in your chosen career.
Try not to break the bank by overspending on fashionable clothing and accessories. Although it may be difficult to contemplate, you can probably live very well without the "it" bag of the season.

Special Note for the Petite Trendy Fashion Personality:

As a short woman with a trendy type fashion personality, your biggest challenge is to find the latest styles that will fit you. As you already know, you probably won't find them in the petites department of a major department store because the fashion there seems to either lag behind the latest trends or skip them altogether.
You could look better in your trendy wardrobe by investing in some needed alterations, especially since you don't often shop petites.

You're more likely to wear high fashion clothing that doesn't especially flatter petites, so consider bypassing trendy items that aren't petite-friendly.

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