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Friday, 20 December 2013

New Salwar Kameez

Indian Salwar Kameez :

When we talk about Indian dress the first thing that comes to our mind is Indian salwar kameez. The popularity of Indian salwar kameez has reached to every corner of fashion world. Even Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman have worn Indian salwar kameez. Why salwar kameez? It is the most popular comfortable Indian dress. The versatility is good for every occasion and it goes with every season. The changing trends have added the charm and elegance to the new version of Indian salwar kameez. The variety in salwar kameez includes the embroidered salwar kameez, casual, formal, indo western for every occasion just for your liking.

Clothes give the first impression about your personality. The style speaks with the vibrant and beautifully colored embroidery or ornate designs; these are common parts of Indian salwar kameez. The fabrics which are used are from cotton to silk, crepes to georgettes, satins to chiffons. There is a lot of work involved like sequins, handwork, chicken work-which is very popular among the people because of its unique appeal, zardosi, block print, beadwork and rubber print. Indian salwar kameez looks sexy in contrasts color, bandini work with embroidery, checks and striped patterns.

The Indian salwar kameez has been preferred by the younger generation, because it is easy to carry out at home and even at work. As the fashion changed, salwar kameez has also changed from its traditional look. It is more trendy and fashionable and fulfils all the demands of looking classy, elegant and charming.

Fashion Salwar Suit style makes an individual as they say and this outfit suits this adjective to the hilt. They make for bringing that new look and gleam to the attire and Salwar Kameez has a few up its sleeve.Luck now is renowned for its famous Nawabi era, the remnants of the same is alive to this day. That age brought to fore embroidery in all its finery and charm leading to a product of great admiration. The styles Chikankari and zardosi were evolved during this era, chikankari is one in which most of the stitches are on the wrong side of the cloth. And when turned inside out, decorated with outlines, a shadow effect takes shape. On the other hand, Zardosi is embroidery, which is done with gold thread. Both these designs were patronised by the Mughals.Here comes Regular Salwar Kameez style. It highlights loose-fitting drawstring pants with gathers. It is folded neatly at the ankles. This kind of style has proved to be very popular, just perfect for daily and special wear-outs.

Patiala style of Salwar Kameez is one, which has lots of gathers, and drapes in an elegant mould forming even folds from hip to ankle. This one is mainly for entertainment bash. It is the daily wear dress of married and unmarried women of India. This simple dress is made in demand with latest designs of dresses styles by the eminent designers and the trend setters of the fashion industry. There are different patterns and styles of which the fashion designers have come up with.


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